Caffeine Energy Strips: Do They Work and How to use them

Caffeine Energy Strips: Do They Work and How to use them


Caffeine strips: what are they?

A way to package caffeine is in "caffeine strips," which are thinner chewing gum sticks that resemble regular ones. The manufacturers assert that the fact that they dissolve quickly on the tongue speeds up caffeine absorption. Later, I'll address this assertion.

International athletes and sports teams use energy strips because they are a quick, easy, sugar-free source of energy that safely charges your body. Users receive the benefits of rapid energy strips in about 5–10 minutes without chewing or producing sticky waste because the caffeine strips dissolve fully in a matter of seconds. When taken in beverages, gels, or tablets, caffeine typically absorbs into the stomach between 45 and 60 minutes..


Is it safe?

For healthy persons with typical metabolisms, these strips ought to be safe. It is accepted practice to chew caffeine strips only once at a time. In fact, ingesting one strip will provide you with less caffeine than consuming a cup of regular tea or an espresso on your own. Additionally, it won't taste even remotely pleasant.

If you take 300 mg in one go that is really caffeine intoxication!

The recommended dosage for caffeine energy strips

Take 1 to 2 strips 3 hours before bed to maintain mental clarity and energy throughout the day. Use one or two strips before and after working out in the gym, but three or four strips at once for intense workouts is wrong! Taking more than 300 mg of caffeine at a time can cause caffeine intoxication. Restlessness, anxiety, excitement, insomnia, flushing of the cheeks, increased urination, gastrointestinal disturbances, muscular twitching, rambling thought and speech, irritability, irregular or rapid heartbeat, and psychomotor agitation are some of the symptoms of caffeine intoxication.

Caffeine does not cause dehydration, however. The most frequent symptoms observed in a study of patients in NSW who were taken to emergency wards after consuming energy drinks were palpitations/tachycardia, tremor/shaking, agitation/restlessness, and gastrointestinal problems. Here, 400 mg of caffeine was the average daily intake.

An entire packet of strips won't likely cause you any harm if you're a healthy, normal person without heart disease or a genetic mutation that impairs your liver's capacity to break down caffeine and who typically consumes a moderate amount of coffee, tea, or coke. Athletes frequently consume between 100 and 200 mg of caffeine to boost their performance.

On the other hand, you would have a good chance of exhibiting signs of caffeine intoxication if you ate the entire packet of the strips and followed it up with two energy drinks containing 80 mg of caffeine (assuming that the caffeine dose was properly absorbed, which it probably won't be, as discussed above).

What is the deadly dose of caffeine?

When 1-2 grams of caffeine are consumed, caffeine poisoning can occur. Seizures or severe heart palpitations are the most common symptoms. To swallow this amount of strips, you would need to devour five boxes.

It would take five to ten grams of caffeine to experience actual death (this is where you would need to drink 140 cups of espresso, over 100 cans of energy drink, or 5 boxes of strips to kill yourself).

Even with the use of energy drinks, regular strip consumption is unlikely to cause actual toxicity in healthy individuals.

However, the liver enzyme responsible for the metabolism of caffeine is diminished or stopped if you have severe liver disease, a mutation in the enzyme that breaks it down, or if you're on certain medications like fluvoxamine. As a result, toxicity can happen in much lower amounts.

The man who just passed away after ingesting 12 mints that included caffeine had liver cirrhosis. He consumed roughly 1 gram of caffeine, which is supposedly below the deadly amount. .

Bottom Line

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