Brighten Your Smile with the Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Coffee, tea, curry, and red wine are some of the most loved beverages. Unfortunately, these are also the best drinks that can stain your beautiful teeth. Additionally, items like oily food, cigarettes, and specific medications can also lead to teeth discoloration over time. Your dentist can deliver professional teeth whitening treatments to bring back your teeth to their original glory. However, it will cost you a few hundred pounds quite easily.  

Affordable, at-home, teeth whitening strips come to your rescue here. These teeth whitening strips offer a safer option at a fraction of the total cost. Teeth whitening strips in the UK are the most convenient and the easiest whitening products to use. Available as thin, flexible strips that are coated with some tooth whitening gel on a single side, these strips can be directly applied to the teeth for a shorter amount of time every day. Eventually, the whitening agent gets to its work. Let us help you know about the best whitening strips for teeth in the UK. 

What are Teeth Whitening Strips? 

White strips or vitamins for teeth are thin slices or sheets that are coated with some natural and effective teeth whitening agents like activated carbon and coconut oil, along with an adhesive to make them align with your teeth. Usually, sensitive teeth whitening strips are available in kits with an ample number of strips to be used on both bottom and top teeth for around two weeks.  

If you are going to buy teeth whitening strips in the United Kingdom, you should note that most of the advanced teeth whitening strips feature sodium chlorite as the activated whitening substance. While it leads to a whitening effect, it can still reduce the enamel’s hardness while leaving the surface susceptible to abrasions.   

If you are in search of something natural and effective, BonAyu brings forth the most effective range of the best whitening strips UK. Each teeth whitening strip at BonAyu contains 5 percent activated charcoal and 3 percent coconut oil. As you come across the goodness of major natural ingredients, the teeth white strips by BonAyu feature zero toxicity and remain free from preservatives. Therefore, you can be assured of effective results without any fear of harmful effects in the long run. 

Tips to Use Teeth Whitening Strips 

Every set of teeth whitening kits or strips that you purchase will feature its own instructions or guidelines. In general, however, you can follow important steps as: 

Brush Your Teeth: It helps in removing plaque while allowing the natural teeth whitening ingredients by BonAyu to effectively penetrate the enamel. 

Look for Top & Bottom Teeth Strips: Some brands might feature differently-sized strips for top and bottom teeth. This will help you in sorting out which you should apply. In most cases, the top strip tends to be longer than the bottom one.  

Apply the Teeth Whitening Strips: Start by stripping off its backing. The side should then be attached to your teeth by making contact. Press the strips gently to the teeth' surface. Ensure that every tooth is covered completely with the strip. 

Keep the Strips: Keep them intact for the specified period of time. It is usually around 30 minutes. 

Remove the Strips: After removing, rinse your mouth with water. Avoid drinking or eating anything for around an hour after removal. 

When you shop for teeth whitening strips at BonAyu, you can rest assured as these are free from peroxide. This makes them highly safe for direct use on the enamel -without harming them. The teeth strips by BonAyu are gentle and enriched with the goodness of coconut oil and charcoal for natural teeth whitening. 

Is It Safe to Use Teeth Whitening Strips? 

Teeth whitening gels or strips are safer for most people to be used at home. If you have sensitive gums or teeth, you can consult your dentist before you buy a teeth whitening kit. BonAyu brings forth the best range of solutions for teeth whitening for sensitive teeth in the form of vegan strips that are peroxide-free. Therefore, there is no harm done to the enamel.  

Teeth whitening treatments are not suggested for children below the age of 18 years. It is also advised for breastfeeding or pregnant women to also not to consume this ingredient. You should also know that teeth whitening strips might not work effectively on crowns, false teeth, or veneers. If you have any of these, you can consult your local dentists before use. It is recommended that you should refrain from using whitening strips right after dental treatments like filling or crowns, or right after you have used orthodontic braces.  

How Long will the Strips Take to Work? 

You can apply vegan, cruelty-free strips for teeth whitening daily on your teeth. You can keep the same for around 30 minutes. It is recommended to follow the instructions on the kit quite carefully. It is because there are some whitening strips that are designed to deliver the desired results in a shorter period of time.  

When used correctly, at-home teeth whitening kits by BonAyu can indeed help in lightening your teeth by some shades. You can think of visiting your dentist for a thorough dental cleaning process right before you opt for the teeth whitening treatment by teeth whitening strips.  


Smile is one of the biggest assets of any individual. Discoloured or unclean teeth can leave a poor impression on everyone you meet. Moreover, it also leads to self-consciousness and low self-esteem -especially when you are in public.  

You can get the premium-class range of BonAyu’s natural teeth whitening kit or strips for the best-ever results. Results are subtler than other peroxide-based treatments. The teeth white strips by BonAyu is an ideal option for gradual lightening or maintenance of your teeth.